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Whose company is it anyway?
Janet Williamson puts the case for workers' voice in the boardroom
  Jan/Feb 2014
Cat Smith sees rays of post-Conference hope in Labour’s emerging policy platform
  Nov/Dec 2013

Match girls and general strikes
Mike Davis celebrates and cautions on trade union tactics

  July/Aug 2013
Manifest destinies
Peter Kenyon surveys Labour’s possible 2015 manifesto and possible source for its inspiration
  May/June 2013
Unions work
Samuel Wheeler & Shelly Asquith present the trade union offer
  Jan/Feb 2013
No more recessionomics
Ben Folley on left lessons from Europe & Latin America
  Jan/Feb 2013
Rethinking Labour
Patrick Diamond eyes the politics of ownership as critical for Labour
  Sept/Oct 2012
Alternatives to austerity
Bernadette Ségol on the ETUC's demands for growth
  Sept/Oct 2012
The ILP and the living wage
Ian Bullock on the origins of todays successful LW campaigns
  Jul/Aug 2012
London against the tide
Duncan Bowie sees Livingstone defy a winning Labour tide to lose
  Jul/Aug 2012
Labour pains
Peter Kenyon asks: can Labour recover?
  May/Jun 2012

Opening up the debate
Duncan Bowie on trying to participate in Labour's policy review

  Nov/Dec 2011
Is attacking capitalist predators enough?
Eric Shaw explores whether Ed Milband can pull Labour out of the doldrums
  Nov/Dec 2011
No return to the 1980s
Paul Nowak explains how trade unions can lead a winning alliance against cuts
  Sep/Oct 2011
Salmond's Scotland
Gerry Hassan asks can Labour recover
  Jul/Aug 2011
Libertarianism in a cold climate
Paul Anderson on libertarian socialism yesterday and today
  May/Jun 2011
Labour in opposition - time to come out of the shadows
Peter Kenyon assesses Ed Miliband's leadership so far
  Mar/Apr 2011
Labour's alternative
Mary Southcott views Ed's choices on voting reform
  Nov/Dec 2010
Making the case
Kate Green MP on Labour's tasks in opposition
  Nov/Dec 2010
Honest about thorny questions
Peter Hain puts the case for Ed Miliband
  Sept/Oct 2010
Time for a rethink
Mike Davis on reviving Labour’s challenge
  July/Aug 2010
Lessons Left
Duncan Bowie looks to the future for Labour
  July/Aug 2010
Win or lose
Peter Kenyon looks at Labour's options
  May/June 2010

Saving the Labour Party
Pete Rowlands on why socialists should join

  Mar/Apr 2010
Fabians consider their role
Duncan Bowie on a floundering think tank
  Nov/Dec 2009
Right royal mess
Peter Kenyon on Labour's farce
  Sept/Oct 2009

Scottish unions shape Scotland's future
Ann Henderson says unions lead equalities agenda

  Sept/Oct 2009
Parliamentary reform - back to basics
The expenses fiasco has generated huge public anger and cast a pall over both the Labour Party and parliamentary politics more widely. Here Duncan Bowie presents some options for change
  Jul/Aug 2009
A grim prospect
Peter Kenyon admits Labour's prospects are bleak and those of the people it professes to serve even worse
  Jul/Aug 2009
Neal Lawson on what's wrong with New Labour
  May/Jun 2009
British jobs?
Don Flynn warns of theconsequences of jingoism
  Mar/Apr 2009
Political nightmare
Fresh from election to Labour's NEC ponders Peter Kenyon the scope for a turnaround
  Sep/Oct 2008
Labour - make or break
Four activists set out the questions and answers
  Jan/Feb 2008
Things can only get similar
David Floyd on a decade of success and disappointment
  May/Jun 2007
Beware: Pickpockets operate here
Peter Kenyon on party funding pitfalls.
  Mar/Apr 2007
Is the party retrievable? Some ideas For debate
Jon Cruddas MP defends his proposals.
  Jan/Feb 2007
A charter of Labour Party Member's Rights
Gaye Johnston sets out a key demand to enable Labour to rebuild.
  Jan/Feb 2007
Debate is not a luxury
Compass Chair Neal Lawson on the Deputy Leadership election.
  Jan/Feb 2007
A Chartist manifesto: New worlds for old   Nov/Dec 2006
Trust the grassroots
Peter Hain outlines the key strands to reconnect Labour’s shattered coalition.
  Nov/Dec 2006
Strong on power, weak on prescription
Trevor Fisher finds clear insights but too much of the chattering classes in the new Compass pamphlet seeking to explain how Labour can renew.
  Nov/Dec 2006
State aid = state of emergency
Peter Kenyon reports on the latest Blairite plot to milk the taxpayer and smash the Labour-TU link.
  July/Aug 2006
The man who would be
Poor judgement and pipedreams characterise the view of many on the left to a Brown succession argues Don Flynn.
  May/June 2006
How not to make policy
Daft ideas on the backs of envelopes threaten to unseat Labour, says John Denham MP.
  Mar/Apr 2006
It's the party, stupid
Peter Kenyon reviews the prospects for Britain’s mainstream political parties
  Jan/Feb 2006
Is Labour legitimate?
David Clark says New Labour is dead
  Nov/Dec 2005
We, the members
Peter Kenyon reviews the 2005 Party Conference season in the wake of further falls in party membership, the loss of 4 million Labour voters and signs of stirring in the bowels of the Labour Party.
  Sept/Oct 2005
Leisure society
Jack Jones on the disaster of pensions policy.
  Nov/Dec 2004
Suicide note
Could I-R-A-Q be the shortest in history, asks Peter Kenyon.
  Nov/Dec 2004
Cut off at the roots
Has Labour a future without the Party on the ground? asks Gaye Johnston
  Sept/Oct 2004
Naked and unashamed
Bernard Crick on halting the drift towards presidential government.
  Sept/Oct 2004
Hard work and the life of the mind
Don Flynn traces the efforts of working class men and women to overcome the fragmentation of life and art and unite hard work and intellectual life
  May/June 2002
Labour's star
Anita Pollack remembers Barbara Castle
  July/Aug 2002
Third Way or road to nowhere
Pete Smith finds social justice missing in New Labour
  July/Aug 2002
All black shortlists
Annie Keys says six hundred years is too long to wait
  March/April 2002
Move over darling
Val Price on all-women shortlists
  Jan/Feb 2002
The lucky sperm club
Michael Young on Blair's meritocracy
  Sept/Oct 2001
Is what matters what works?
Eric Shaw criticises government infatuation with the PFI
  July/Aug 2001
Labour will get a second chance
Ann Black on how Labour is lucky in its opponents
  May/June 2001
Reason to believe
Pete Smith on new Labour's managerialism
  May/June 2001
Dashed expectations
Paul Anderson argues that Labour has to earn its votes
  May/June 2001
Prescott's last stand
Trevor Fisher questions Labour's glitzy electioneering
  Mar/April 2001
Class war on the poor
Pete Smith on New Labour's attacks on the poor and powerless
  Jan/Feb 2001
The iron law of malarkey
Pete Smith tracks the continued sidelining of Party structures
  Nov/Dec 2000
Busy going nowhere
Pete Smith wonders where on earth Labour is going
  Sept/Oct 2000

Blair's 'free market Stalinism'
Trevor Fisher on the centralisation at the heart of government

  Jul/Aug 2000
Your turn again, Livingstone
Pete Smith looks at the effect of the Livingstone win
  May/June 2000
Modernisers living in the past
Charlie King and Peter Latham on Croydon's 21st century party
  July/Aug 2000
Why Ken?
Martin Cook is inspired by the 'not Tony' candidate
  Jan/Feb 2000
Rethinking democracy
Joy Johnson says Labour should listen to its members
  Jan/Feb 2000
Do you know your left from your right?
Pete Smith on the age old debate places Labour on the right
  Jul/Aug 2000
Voices for London
Trevor Phillips and Ken Livingstone on the race for London Mayor
Smith's legacy
Denis MacShane on how John Smith shaped modern London
Blair v Brown
Gary Kent sees trouble ahead
Welcome to my nightmare
Pete Smith has a disturbing vision of Labour's future
The Blairite agenda
Ronald Bessell on the Blairite agenda
Class struggle: any place but Labour
Don Flynn on the limits of Blair's modernisation project
Whatever happened to One Member One Vote
Trevor Fisher
The Third Way - Back to the future?
Pete Smith says the left should not spurn liberal radicalism