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Greece a country in turmoil
Isidoros Diakides reports on the latest turn of the screw as Greeks battle against the savage consequences of Troika imposed austerity
  Jan/Feb 2014
Australia pays for Labor tumult
Gaye Johnston surveys the wreckage of Labor’s ousting from power
  Nov/Dec 2013
Egypt post-Morsi
Sasha Simic on the deep problems facing Egypt and the region
  Nov/Dec 2013
Democratic or autocratic?
Mary Southcott maps Turkey's troublesome relationship with democratic principles
  Sept/Oct 2013
The choice facing Hollande
Andrew Coates surveys French politics after one year of socialist government
  July/Aug 2013
Slow progress?
In the wake of the Indian rape scandals, Tehmina Kazi sees some signs of progress
  May/June 2013
State of flux
Mike Heiser surveys the options of Israel and Palestine
  Nov/Dec 2012
Labor pains
Gaye Johnston sees problems for Australia's divided Labor Party
  Sept/Oct 2012
Russian riots
Murad Batal al-Shishani on Russian authoritarianism
  Sept/Oct 2012
Sasha Simic says workers hold key to end of military rule
  Jan/Feb 2012
Women and Arab Spring
Tehmina Kazi champions women’s voices
  Jan/Feb 2012
Libya: a just war?
Andrew Coates on the rise and fall of a kleptocracy and what the future holds
  Nov/Dec 2011

Martyr for Palestine
Rada Daniell remembers solidarity activist Vittorio Arrigoni

  Jul/Aug 2011
Tunisian democracy
Wendy Pettifer explains how the revolution began
  Jul/Aug 2011
Libyan revolt
Jeremy Corbyn MP on Libya
  Jul/Aug 2011
The winds of change blow...again
Richard Dowden on the creation of a new Sudan
  Mar/Apr 2011
Modern pharaoh falls
Sasha Simic charts the course and origins of the momentous revolution in Egypt
  Mar/Apr 2011
Latin left needs solidarity
Jennie Bremner on how the left is reclaiming Latin America from the US
  Jan/Feb 2011
Aftershocks of the Chilean miners' rescue
Patricia d'Ardenne and James Thompson survey the many unresolved problems
  Jan/Feb 2011
Australian politics
Gaye Johnston on Australia’s election of its first female Prime Minister
  Nov/Dec 2010
Slow progress
Richard Burden MP assesses Obama's task in the Middle East
  Nov/Dec 2010
Gaza convoy
Rada Daniell describes life under the blockade
  Mar/Apr 2010
Chinese neo-imperialism
Jenny Bowie on China in Africa
  Mar/Apr 2010
Sleepwalking into catastrophe in Afghanistan
Confused war aims and massive electoral fraud must be the signal for withdrawal, argues Andy Gregg
  Nov/Dec 2009
Lessons from down under
Gaye Johnston on the pay-offs from Kevin Rudd's break with neo-liberalism
  Jul/Aug 2009
Bombing democracy
Andy Gregg on demonising Hamas
  Mar/Apr 2009
Tribal violence
Nim Njuguma reports on Citizen’s Pathway as a way forward
  Mar/Apr 2009
Hamas: Democracy, Religion, Violence
Richard Burden on a challenge to Melanie Phillips
  Sep/Oct 2008
A disturbance in the empire
Dave Cunningham on the competing politics of the Clinton-Obama nomination fight
  Jul/Aug 2008
Big number, big power
John Sunderland on how China's hosting of the Olympics marks the trade-off between freedom and prosperity for its people
  Jul/Aug 2008
The struggle for Kenya's future
It’s class and an unresolved colonial legacy that are tearing Kenya apart argues Shiraz Durrani
  Mar/Apr 2008
Double standard democracy
Andy Gregg uncovers incredible British hypocrisy in Saudi Arabia
  Nov/Dec 2007
Beyond denial - time to talk to Hamas
As the House of Commons Select Committee calls for government engagement with Hamas, Richard Burden MP outlines the case for urgent action
  Sept/Oct 2007
Energy: Jaw-jaw or war?
Hywel Lloyd asks will Gordon Brown embrace a Marshall Plan to avert a new kind of global conflict
  Jul/Aug 2007
Dreams into squalid conflicts
Jon Taylor on the facts and fictions behind the birth of Israel
  Sept/Oct 2006
Tale of two elections
Sick of the West’s double standards Richard Burden sees a situation going critical for the beleaguered Palestinians
  May/June 2006

The elephant in the living room
It is the US and Israel rather than Iran’s new conservative leader that threatens to plunge the region into greater turmoil argues Andy Gregg

  May/June 2006
Bush image meltdown
Dave Cunningham tracks the fall from grace of George W Bush
  Jan/Feb 2006

The war to oppose is the next one
Gerard Killoran on stopping Bush’s war plans

  May/June 2005
A country designed for failure
Andy Gregg looks at the genocidal war in Darfur and prospects for peace in Sudan
  Jan/Feb 2005
The Moore on terror
Robert Foyle Hunwick looks at the double-barrelled assault on the Republican incumbent
  Jul/Aug 2004
Beating around the Bush
Pete Smith weighs the prospects for a successful Kerry challenge.
  May/June 2004
From despotism to democratic rule
Post the Iraq debacle Dan Elton suggests a future for a revamped United Nations
  Jan/Feb 2004
Crossroads on the roadmap
Time for the UN to pay attention to Israel argues Richard Burden MP
  Nov/Dec 2003
45 minutes or 45 days not the issue
Gerard Killoran argues that the WMD dossier and Hutton Inquiry are part of the Blair spinning exercise of untruths to justify war
  Nov/Dec 2003
No licence to kill
The arms trade is big business. Anna Bluston investigates the arms companies the government keep.
  Jul/Aug 2003
Roadworks to peace
The last thing Iranian demonstrators need is public support from Bush, says Andy Gregg.
  Jul/Aug 2003
Reading the road map
Whether it is a serious or cynical move, the 'roadmap' to peace between Israel and Palestine represents an opportunity to block Sharon’s way writes Richard Burden MP.
  May/June 2003
Imperialism and Tyranny
Left apologists for war forget liberation, says Gerad Killoran.
  Mar/Apr 2003
Paradise Denied
Cyprus elections could be countdown to solution, says Mary Southcott.
  Mar/Apr 2003
The cure will be far worse than the disease
Andy Gregg on how war against Iraq will play into Bin Laden's hands.
  Jan/Feb 2003
Porous Borders
Johann Hari on how neo-Nazis are seeking to hi-jack the anti-globalisation movement.
  Jan/Feb 2003
Lula Landslides
Brazil's Workers Party has made a remarkable transition to power.
  Nov/Dec 2002
Tears in Gaza
Katherine Maycock's view from the Middle East
  May/June 2002
Bye bye Miss American Pie
Frank Less discusses the twilight of American civilisation
  Jan/Feb 2002
Monsters nevertheless
Pete Smith on the left's excuses for September 11
  Nov/Dec 2001
Beyond anger
Veena Vasista on the response to September 11
  Nov/Dec 2001
Afghan blowback
Andy Gregg claims Blair and Bush have fallen into Bin Laden's trap
  Nov/Dec 2001
Bush presidency compromised
Dave Cunningham on how Bush lost the vote and won the election
Intifada 2000 presages Palestinian state
Mike Heiser on how the division of Israel is taking shape
Shrub Bush and the Republican crackup
Dave Cunningham on US political prospects
A new internationalism
Peter Hain says government action can make a difference
Paving the way to apartheid
Yael Kahn asks whether Israel really wants the peace process to work
  Sept/Oct 1995