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Greece a country in turmoil
Isidoros Diakides reports on the latest turn of the screw as Greeks battle against the savage consequences of Troika imposed austerity
  Jan/Feb 2014
Trading on our future?
Linda Kaucher lifts the lid on a dangerous free trade agenda
  Sept/Oct 2013
A holy union?
Greg Barnes surveys the meeting point between trade union interests and the EU
  Sept/Oct 2013
Unsocial Europe
Philip Whyman and Mark Baimbridge give Europhiles food for thought on the European Social Model
  Sept/Oct 2013
More Europe?
Franziska Brantner MEP says citizens need a 'better' rather than 'more' Europe
  Sept/Oct 2013
The choice facing Hollande
Andrew Coates surveys French politics after one year of socialist government
  July/Aug 2013
Exposing Euro extremism
Frances O'Grady on transparent Tory attempts to demonise EU working rights
  Mar/Apr 2013
We are all Greeks now
Isidoros Diakides shatters Greek Euro myths

Sept/Oct 2012

Reclaiming Europe
John Palmer demands left action on European integration
  Jul/Aug 2012
French elections
Andrew Coates on high stakes for France and for Europe
  May/Jun 2012
Marchez a Gauche!
Former MEP Anita Pollack says the left must meet the European challenge
  Mar/Apr 2012
Greece and the alternative
Ann Pettifor argues the Eurozone crisis can be resolved by restoring policy autonomy to democratic governments.
  Sep/Oct 2011

Cowardly opportunism
Claude Moraes MEP challenges the right on free movement

  Jul/Aug 2011
People First - A new direction for Europe
Sam Tarry on the left manifesto
  Jan/Feb 2009
Time to get serious about Europe
Critics of the Lisbon declaration are wrong, Eurostar is the only train in town, argues Peter Rowlands
  Jan/Feb 2008
Solidarity from Seville
Barry Camfield on the Seville manifesto - a new tune from European unions
  Jul/Aug 2007
Une nouvelle direction pour la France?
Andrew Coates on the French presidential election
  May/Jun 2007
Time for trade justice
Claude Moraes MEP & Martin Caldwell argue that the EU must do more to help developing countries help themselves out of poverty through a fairer trade system

Sept/Oct 2006

Three R’s plus one
Recycling, reducing, re-using and renewables would be a good start for a European green agenda says Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP.

Power to the Euro parliament
In place of the current limbo John Palmer proposes a new European demos with trans-national parties.
  Mar/Apr 2006
French lessons
Claude Moraes on the merits of multi-culturalism
  Jan/Feb 2006
European life after the no votes
Most French and Dutch voters want a more social Europe not a free market union, argues Andrew Coates
  July/Aug 2005
Constitutional entreaties
Denis MacShane tells us why we should vote 'yes'
  Mar/Apr 2005
Neo-liberal drift with constitution
EU Constitution would mean no anti-war vote and block a social Europe says Dutch MP Harry van Bommel.
  Jan/Feb 2005
So what is Europe for?
Anita Pollack says Europe is about consumer and environmental protection or nothing.
  Sept/Oct 2004
Cross roads for the left on the European constitution
Graham Copp calls on the left to join the critical debate on Europe.
  Jul/Aug 2004
Green questions
Caroline Lucas reflects on a campaigning record.
  May/June 2004
No job rush but stakes are high
Paul Anderson examines the implications of European Union enlargement
  Mar/Apr 2004
What’s wrong with majority voting?
Nationalist posturing over a constitution for the European Union has diverted discussion from the fundamental socio-economic issues, argues John Grieve Smith
  Jan/Feb 2004

Euro referendum or bust
To rebuild relations with Europe Blair needs to confront Brown on the euro argues Paul Anderson.

  May/June 2003

Social democrats' big idea in the balance
Paul Anderson on the rise of French facism

  May/June 2002
Politics to decide on euro-land
Paul Anderson on the politics of the pound
Labour out of step with European allies
Paul Anderson on Labour's policy shambles on Europe
We need more than 'Eurotrash'
Carole Tongue on how Labour blew the Euro poll
Labour's star
Anita Pollack on Barbara Castle
  July/Aug 2002
Europe: Follow this leader?
Don Flynn on what the European election results mean