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IMF and World Bank: time to go
Éric Toussaint assesses the performance of the IMF and the World Bank and offers new ideas for global financial governance
  Jan/Feb 2014

Migrants are undermining working conditions?
No blame 30 years of government deregulation for that argues Don Flynn

  Jan/Feb 2014
Teaching Gove a lesson
NUT General Secretary Christine Blower demands new policy on schools and teachers
  Nov/Dec 2013
Immigration madness
Andy Gregg takes apart a Goodhartian view that is far from progressive
  Sept/Oct 2013
Lies, damned lies and statistics
Frank Lee looks at the role of crooked statistics in economic reporting
  Sept/Oct 2013
Don Flynn reconceives how socialists should approach the politics of cities
  July/Aug 2013
Militarisation of aid
Patricia d'Ardenne on Cameron's subversion of aid
  July/Aug 2013
What recovery?
Prem Sikka on the consequences of austerity on working people
  July/Aug 2013
Paying for public goods
Patrick Diamond on the public’s continued demand to have, and pay for, public services
  May/June 2013
End blacklisting!
Steve Murphy on a shameful practice and a shameful silence from our government
  May/June 2013
Leeching off the state
Isabel Gilbert takes aim at the degrading role private firms like Atos have on the public realm
  May/June 2013
Cutting what can't be cut
Keith Savage on the strain of Coalition cuts borne by local authorities
  Mar/Apr 2013
Fixing the roof
Ruth Halkon on appalling Tory policy on squatting
  Mar/Apr 2013
Dignity for the migrant
Don Flynn demands a rethink on low pay
  Mar/Apr 2013
Black youth marginalised
Jyoti Bhojani sees minority youth facing jobs double whammy
  Jan/Feb 2013
Paying through the nose
Alice Perry & Tom Copley say youth priced out of good housing
  Jan/Feb 2013
A taxing issue
Paul Teasdale argues inequality can't be tackled without tax reform
  Nov/Dec 2012

Limits to Keynesianism
Harry Shutt on a socialist response to capitalist crisis

  Nov/Dec 2012

Standing up to slash and burn
Frances O'Grady outlines the union alternative to austerity

  Nov/Dec 2012
Bank on it
Prem Sikka outlines the mutual alternative for banking reform
  Sep/Oct 2012
An Olympic boondoggle?
Kerry Ann Mendoza fears a corrupt spectacle
  Jul/Aug 2012
Another Mail failure
Anna Kessel takes apart the Daily Mail’s outdated Britishness
  Jul/Aug 2012

Public pain
Dexter Whitfield surveys 30 years of public sector pillaging

  Jul/Aug 2012
No benefit
Baroness Wilkins defends the disabled
  May/Jun 2012
Tax avoidance
Prem Sikka proposes action to tackle the dodgers
  May/Jun 2012
Working women
Frances O’Grady on the gender impact of the cuts
  May/Jun 2012
A friend for all?
Paul Reynolds with a different view of Adam Smith
  Mar/Apr 2012
All shades of racism
Don Flynn on footballers and coppers
  Mar/Apr 2012
Lessons learnt?
Cat Smith surveys aftermath of the MacPherson Report
  Mar/Apr 2012
Snouts in the trough
Deborah Hargreaves exposes corporate largesse
  Mar/Apr 2012
Emergency exit
Frank Lee on an exit strategy
  Jan/Feb 2012
Housing Benefit cuts
Karen Buck sees poverty and homelessness
  Jan/Feb 2012
Glenn Power says councils must practise what they preach
  Jan/Feb 2012
Carry on casino banking
The Vickers Report on banking fails to provide durable reforms says Prem Sikka
  Nov/Dec 2011
The poverty of tabloid journalism
David Khabaz surveys the wreckage of the News of the World's demise
  Sep/Oct 2011
The state gets heavy - part 1
Tom Holness reports on political prosecutions for handing out leaflets.
  Sep/Oct 2011
A mortal sting in this summer's tales?
Phil Vellender reflects on the subtext of a tumultuous summer and recalls another scandal mistakenly dismissed as a 'non story' back in 1972.
  Sep/Oct 2011

In go(l)d we trust
Frank Lee discusses the current and ongoing rise in the price of gold and the slightly altered promise on the back of the US Dollar.

  Sep/Oct 2011
Kant and capitalism
Bob Brecher and Phil Vellender on an immoral system
  Jul/Aug 2011
Why torture is wrong
Bob Brecher argues that torture is never justified
  May/Jun 2011
Nowhere to turn
Cat Smith on the scandal of the one in five
  May/Jun 2011
Reverse Socialism
Prem Sikka on how the Coalition is transferring wealth from many to a few
  May/Jun 2011
Universities and the neo-liberal revolution
Bob Brecher finds the Browne report on higher education a convenient justification for a new class elitism on access
  Jan/Feb 2011

Cooperative opportunities in transport
While Cameron's Big Society rhetoric is strangely silent on private companies Paul Salveson argues the libertarian left has a much stronger alternative

  Jan/Feb 2011
Corporate tax avoidance threatens democracy
Prem Sikka on the billions that could be saved cutting tax evasion by the rich
  Jan/Feb 2011
Two societies
Andy Gregg makes comparisons between the Big Society and the Great Society
  Nov/Dec 2010
Fat cats, cuts and courtesans
Whilst the Coalition is undermining health and safety, Elaine Smith MSP argues the plight of sex workers demands human rights not unionisation
  Sept/Oct 2010
BNP down but not out
David Braniff-Herbert on why the political campaign to defeat British fascists must be sustained
  Sept/Oct 2010
Danger of double-dip
John Grieve-Smith challenges the Coalition on budget deficit reduction
  Sept/Oct 2010
Tax, cuts and the Left
Pete Rowlands on a taxing alternative to public spending cuts
  Sept/Oct 2010
Immigration policy
Don Flynn explains how New Labour flunked it
  Mar/Apr 2010

Bendy Boris
Cat Smith says London’s Mayor has betrayed disabled access

  Mar/Apr 2010

Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and Mr Brown
Eric Shaw on Brown’s neo-liberal legacy

  Mar/Apr 2010
All that shopping
Neal Lawson insists it’s a problem
  Jan/Feb 2010
Tory education
Dave Lister sets out a damaging prospect
  Jan/Feb 2010
Tobin tax time
Gary Kent applauds Gordon Brown’s support
  Jan/Feb 2010
Siding with patients
Martin Rathfelder considers the election choices in health
  Nov/Dec 2009
Shopping's not all bad
Mica Nava sees a new critique of 'turbo consumerism' as a bleak, moralistic and outdated story
  Nov/Dec 2009
Tax justice now
John Christensen on the cancer at the heart of the financial system
  Nov/Dec 2009
Corporate elites
Prem Sikka and timid bank reforms
  Sept/Oct 2009
The delusions of social dumping
Don Flynn argues that views that depict British workers as the victims of social dumping are more likely to derail than aid the fight against capitalist firms
  Jul/Aug 2009
Pig in a poke
Royal Mail privatisation is a blind alley says Roger Berry MP
  May/Jun 2009
Protect and survive
Martin Cook stands against free marketeers
  May/Jun 2009
Feminism today
Laurie Penny argues capitalist patriarchy hits men too
  May/Jun 2009
Bailout losses?
Prem Sikka suggests government should get a grip
  Mar/Apr 2009
Cooperation is back
Jenni Boswell-Jones surveys theco-operative sector
  Mar/Apr 2009

Put cash into people's pockets
Fight recession through redistribution says Prem Sikka

  Jan/Feb 2008
Banking meltdown
Prem Sikka adds up the cost
  Nov/Dec 2008
Crash revisited
Frank Lee on history lessons
  Nov/Dec 2008
Housing crisis
Jon Cruddas MP ponders tools down in the sector
  Nov/Dec 2008
Truly a game of two halves
The absence of fair pay in British football is just the tip of the iceberg argues Jon Cruddas MP
  Sep/Oct 2008
Pale, male and stale?
Not today says Sarah Holden who argues unions are at the forefront of campaigns to realise the equalities and anti-discrimination laws
  Sep/Oct 2008
After capitalism?
In examining the political prerequisites for change Frank Lee traces what the likely contours of a socialist economy may look like.
  Jul/Aug 2008
Power of first awakening
Forty years on Patricia d'Ardenne - a veteran of the Hull sit-in - reminisces about the 1968 revolution
  May/June 2008
Biting the hand that feeds them
Prem Sikka on the tax avoidance scam operated by some PFI companies
  May/June 2008
The price is not right
Deborah Littman on the Government’s misguided public service pay policy
  Mar/Apr 2008
City futures in a global era
Robin Hambleton examines the role of governance in managing the urban explosion
  Jan/Feb 2008
Free market on the rocks
Prem Sikka on how the taxpayer has to bail out the 'risk takers'
  Nov/Dec 2007
Hierarchies of exclusion
Don Flynn seeks to make sense of the immigration debate
  Nov/Dec 2007
Drugs - It's prohibition stupid!
The 'war on drugs' dominated the 20th century. Mike Davis dissects a failed policy finding the time is ripe for a debate on a new approach.
  Sept/Oct 2007
Limits of work and benefits strategy
Tackling worsening child poverty and inequality will require more than a revamped department, argues Kate Green
  Sept/Oct 2007

Pity about the reality
Angela Neustatter reports on the Blair legacy for youth justice

  Sept/Oct 2007
Does comprehensive education have a future?
Fiona Millar wonders whether a Brown government will make the tough political decisions needed to realise the comprehensive ideal
  Jul/Aug 2007
Wake up and smell the coffee!
Patrick Vernon calls for an apology
  May/Jun 2007
Labour's contract culture
Dexter Whitfield despairs of Labour
  May/Jun 2007
Pete Smith 1949-2007
Obituary and selection of writing
  Mar/Apr 2007
Rich country, poor pensions
UK Pensions Bill fails the future test, argue Austin Mitchell and Prem Sikka
  Mar/Apr 2007
Whatever happened to investigative reporting?
Jean Seaton reflects on whether society will pay for the media it needs
  Jan/Feb 2007
We're all mental
Identifying and treating the significant minority of children and young people with a mental health disorder is a vital step in tackling anti-social behaviours argues Dinah Morley
  Nov/Dec 2006

Community meltdown
Tim Root looks behind the veil at the empty rhetoric of community cohesion

  Nov/Dec 2006
Putting a dampner on boom and bust
Chris Huhne MP on why a land tax matters
  Sept/Oct 2006
We don’t want no Blairucation
Dave Lister says most people want good local schools not market-place type choice
  Sept/Oct 2006
A Future For Public Ownership
As jobs tumble and prices rise in privatised water and electricity utilities John Grieve Smith questions the view that private means cheaper and better
  Sept/Oct 2006
Out of poverty
Kate Green applauds Labour’s achievements on reducing child poverty but asks where is the left on strategic debate to meet targets?
  Sept/Oct 2006
Beyond the condom taboo
Will a new document from the Vatican herald a new era in HIV prevention for the Catholic church? Christine Allen expresses a guarded optimism
  July/Aug 2006
Are we really having it so good?
Frank Lee tackles the left-liberal literati about the UK economy
  July/Aug 2006
Pension misery for millions
Adair Turner’s report on the pensions crisis fails to address the question of redistribution, says Prem Sikka
  Mar/Apr 2006
Stigmatising sex workers
New government strategy continues to treat prostitution as a social problem rather than a labour and human rights issue says Dr Ana Lopes
  Mar/Apr 2006
Unequal Britain
John Grieve-Smith examines the reasons for the widening equality gap opening under new Labour.
  Mar/Apr 2006
Debts of despair
Chris Wearmouth on the prospect of being debt-laden from school to grave
  Jan/Feb 2006
Corporations rule not OK
All stakeholders should have a say in the running of the major corporations that, often corruptly, control our lives argues Prem Sikka
  Jan/Feb 2006
London bombings and alien panics
Antony Taylor on parallels with Victorian anarchists
  Nov/Dec 2005
Lurching into nationalism
Trevor Fisher argues nationalism is no response to fundamentalism
  Nov/Dec 2005
Rights, freedoms and terror
Shami Chakrabarti on Blair's reaction to the bombings
  Nov/Dec 2005
Demonising Muslims will not reduce terror
Yasmin Qureshi challenges us not to fall into the same trap our government and media seem to have done.
  Sept/Oct 2005
Public sector provision: is the voluntary sector the answer?
Mary Chadwick spells out the issues.
  Sept/Oct 2005
Getting welfare rights back on the agenda
Kate Green warns that otherwise Labour risks missing its anti-poverty targets.
  Sept/Oct 2005
Labour’s illusory reforms
Democratic accountability requires a bonfire of the quangos, says Dexter Whitfield.
  Sept/Oct 2005
What happened at Longbridge?
More rather than less government intervention in MG Rover might have prevented the excesses and failure of the Pheonix Four, argues Richard Burden.
  July/Aug 2005
Cook's column
By Martin Cook
  July/Aug 2005
New opiate of the people
Anna Bluston on popes, royals and the cult of celebrity.
  May/June 2005
Good to talk
Anna Bluston on freedon to attack or defend religion.
  Mar/Apr 2005
Blair's challenge to 'Bourneville Man'
The tsunami disaster highlights the question of debt relief. Are we willing to pay more asks Chris Wearmouth.
  Jan/Feb 2005
Hand in hand without fear of reprisal
Public views of gays and lesbians lag behind progressive legal advances argues Steven Allen.
  July/Aug 2004
Follow the flag
Pete Smith reflects on patriotism.
  July/Aug 2004
Let's here it for nannies
Anna Bluston defends the idea of a caring state.

May/June 2004

Double, Bubble, Trouble
It's just a matter of time before the US economy slumps, says Frank Lee
  Mar/Apr 2004
The Secret Policeman's real secret
It's hard not to be racist in the modern police service, says Don Flynn
  Mar/Apr 2004
We’re all mental
Anna Bluston says many of us will have mental health problems and talking therapies can help
  Jan/Feb 2004
Sects and the city
In looking at religious sects Pete Smith sees the Nation of Islam as the Protestant ethic dressed up in the trappings of black nationalism
  Jan/Feb 2004

The last Crusader
James Clegg on the legacy of the Jarrow crusade

  Jan/Feb 2004
Think European on health
Health embraces social and geographical areas, by Steve Illiffe
  Nov/Dec 2003
That's great but...
Children's Commissioner without power argues Steven Allen
  Nov/Dec 2003
A leading question
'Do as we say' lesson lost on youth, says Andreas Koumi.
  July/Aug 2003
Alien Resurrection
Consumerism, therapy, the lottery, they're all part of more pervasive contemporary alienation, says Pete Smith.
  July/Aug 2003
The poverty of human rights?
Don Flynn reports on the waning of the hopes for a strong new human rights alliance between government and civil society.
  Mar/Apr 2003
Ageing Timb Bomb
Flexibility on retirement age could ease pensions cost, says John Grieve-Smith.
  Mar/Apr 2003
Gun Crime
Ending black alienation is key to problem, says Pete Smith.
  Mar/Apr 2003
Free-born John
Pete Smith on the Leveller leader, John Lilburne.
  Jan/Feb 2003
A global Robin Hood
Matti Kohonen and Helena Kotkowska on the rise of a new social movement aiming to redistribute wealth through taxing currency transactions.
  Jan/Feb 2003
Protection racket
Maurice Frankel on restrictions on freedom of information.
  Nov/Dec 2002
World Cup 2002: triumph of the globalised game?
Don Flynn says that the glamour of the World Cup can't hide the fact that football everywhere is teetering on the brink of disaster.
  Sept/Oct 2002
The Mass Psychology of Capitalism
Frank Lee examines the evidence for the view that 'things can only get better' but doesn't find any - at least in the short term.
  Sept/Oct 2002
Citizenship of fools
David Floyd on the link between schools and immigrants
  July/Aug 2002
Class War
Pete Smith sees new educational apartheid fo 14-19 year-olds
  May/June 2002
Great Golden Jubilee swindle
Andrew Stevens says resist peer pressure on Jubilee fest
  May/June 2002
A fridge too far
Anita Pollack on Britain's refrigerator mountain
  Mar/April 2002
Long to reign over us
Bernard Misrahi on the royals, jubilees and personal politics
  Mar/April 2002
No sex please, we're American
Mike Davis on sex conservatives in US classrooms
  Jan/Feb 2002
Pity the poor immigrant
Don Flynn examines Labour's immigration debate
  Nov/Dec 2001
Why drugs are illegal
Trevor Turner explains why the drugs laws don't work
  Sept/Oct 2001
Riots of separation
Jock Young on why the recent riots are different from the 1980s
  Sept/Oct 2001
Closing the casino
John Grieve Smith on reforming the global finance system
  July/Aug 2001
Can we make things again
Denis MacShane reviews policy on industry and the regions
  Mar/April 2001
Big Mac politics
Pete Smith on the globalisation of consumer culture
  Mar/April 2001
Decline and Fall
Frank Lee looks back at the work of John Maynard Keynes
  Jan/Feb 2001
Jack Straw's dilemma
Donn Flynn on issues raised by human rights legislation
  Nov/Dec 2000
A fiscal Loch Ness Monster
Harry Barnes welcomes sightings of a new tax on speculators
  Sept/Oct 2000
Women are not simply gender
Mike Davis interviews Lynn Segal on feminist directions
  July/Aug 2000
Sex, lies and stereotypes
Mike Davis on what kids should be taught in sex education
  May/June 2000
Not a blank sheet
Richard Burden MP on the Rover crisis
  May/June 2000
Corporate racism - words and reality
Donn Flynn on little progress since Macpherson
  Mar/Apr 2000

Trusting our mutual friends
Glyn Thomas says Labour should defend the mutuals

  Mar/April 2000
Pot luck
David Floyd reviews the state of play in the drugs debate
  Mar/April 2000
CTC is dead - long live best value
Mary Creagh, councillor for Highbury