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* Waging the wrong war
Don Flynn takes apart claims that
migrants are responsible for low wages
  Nelson Mandela: A tribute
Dan Thea pays homage to Madiba
* More Greek pain
Isidoros Diakides on more Troika-induced
austerity for the Hellenic Republic
There's an idea!
Duncan Bowie examines ideas from new
and old groupings designed to reform Labour politics
* Tearing down the two totems
Eric Toussaint lays seige to the appalling
records of the IMF and World Bank
  The ILP and World War One
Ian Bullock surveys the struggle of socialist internationalists
* The state we need
Michael Meacher MP on the case for a
democratic interventionist state
  Unearthing Lords reform
Damien Welfare on unfinished business
* A workers' company
The TUC's Janet Williamson presents the
powerful case for workers on company
  Two republican futures
Steve Freeman imparts some Republicanism into the Scottish independence debate