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Austerity and its alternative
Michael Meacher explains the main elements of an alternative socialist strategy as detailed in his new book 'The State We Need'
  Jan/Feb 2014
Gagging as ulterior motive
Keith Ewing sees political extortion as well as a Tory assault upon civil rights, both of which have consequences for trade unions
  Nov/Dec 2013
How green are you?
Mary Southcott critiques Bristol’s Greens
  July/Aug 2013
Scotland's future
Gerry Hassan on the changing shape of Scottish party politics leading up to the referendum
  May/June 2013
The devolution dragon
Leanne Wood on Welsh moves for more freedom
  Mar/Apr 2013
Leveson and judicious journalism
David Khabaz says media ownership must form part of the press reform discourse
  Mar/Apr 2013
Cut down before their prime
Lisa Nandy MP on failing coalition policies for young people
  Jan/Feb 2013
Opening up the City
Peter Kenyon see the Square Mile as a test case for Miliband's one nation Labour
  Nov/Dec 2012
Nia Griffith MP on Welsh lessons for England
  May/Jun 2012

Who do we think we are?
Mary Southcott on English questions and dogs who haven't barked

  Mar/Apr 2012
Not so different?
Dave Shaw on Scotland, Salmond and the prospect of independence
  Mar/Apr 2012
NHS privatisation
Wendy Savage on last ditch efforts to drop the Bill
  Jan/Feb 2012
Bitter legacy
Jeremy Corbyn MP reflects on ten years of Stop the War Coalition
  Nov/Dec 2011
The Cameron-Clegg riots - Tory England in flames
Predictable dismissals of the rioting as 'pure criminality' would let the Tories avoid responsibility, argues Steve Freeman
  Sep/Oct 2011
One Wales showed the way
Ian Johnson on the One Wales coalition advances and where Plaid goes after recent setbacks
  Jul/Aug 2011

Welsh Labour goes tops in UK
Peter Rowlands gets behind Labour's success in the Welsh Assembly elections

  Jul/Aug 2011
The ideology of localism
Duncan Bowie on the origins of the ideology
  May/Jun 2011
Enhancing our democracy
Simon Woolley on boosting black representation
  May/Jun 2011
Monster march for alternative to cuts
Nigel Stanley explains that a campaigning movement is turning the tide against cuts
  May/Jun 2011
Challenging the tax dodgers
Tom Holness on the targets of UK Uncut
  Mar/Apr 2011
From tweet to street
Cat Smith explains how UK Uncut is taking social media into 'offline' actions
  Mar/Apr 2011
Opposing cuts, defending communities
On the same day that David Cameron launched a salvo against multiculturalism the neo-fascist English Defence League marched in Luton. David Braniff-Herbert reminds us the far right may be down but not out.
  Mar/Apr 2011

The AV referendum is on
Peter Rowlands, Mary Southcott and Tom Harris MP on the alternative vote debate

  Mar/Apr 2011

Capping the benefit
Karen Buck on the homelessness, poverty and social dislocation arising from housing support cuts

  Mar/Apr 2011
Keep profit out of pensions
Rory O'Kelly on Tory plans to means test pensions
  Jan/Feb 2011
Jilted generation wakes up in a bad mood
Cat Smith on why the student protests are not just about tuition fees
  Jan/Feb 2011
The fight of our lives
Frances O'Grady on backdoor privatisation and the action needed to stop Coalition cuts.
  Jan/Feb 2011
Cutting it?
Phil Vellender dissects the ConDem cuts
  Nov/Dec 2010
Delivering disaster
Billy Hayes rebuts the ConDem government's case for Royal Mail privatisation
  Nov/Dec 2010
Getting closer to the people
Don Flynn asks will it help Labour sort out its immigration problem?
  Sept/Oct 2010
Buttering up the doctors
Martin Rathfelder on a ConDem prescription for paralysis in the NHS
  Sept/Oct 2010

The Liberal bombshell
Kevin Meagher sees a Liberal bombshell come to pass

  July/Aug 2010
Invisible women - the missing X factor
Emily Georghiou looks at PR and its role in gender politics
  July/Aug 2010

Cashcroft and Cameron
Prem Sikka investigates the Tory deputy chairman’s wallet

  May/Jun 2010
Tactical voting
Tim Root sees potential for change
  May/Jun 2010
Kissing cousins?
Kevin Meagher sees the bright side of a Lib-Lab UK pact
  May/Jun 2010
A co-op con?
David Rodgers smells a backdoor Tory ploy
  May/Jun 2010
Direction of travel
Christian Wolmar sees transport policy getting back on track
  May/Jun 2010
Not the Hillsborough Agreement!
Paul Dixon on power sharing back from the brink
  Mar/Apr 2010
Red Tories
Andy Gregg explores an oxymoron
  Jan/Feb 2010
Labour - a fantasy
Peter Kenyon dreams on
  Jan/Feb 2010
Trident U-turn
Joy Hurcombe welcomes Labour's change
  Sept/Oct 2009
A new politics at last?
If anything good is to come from this economic and MP expenses crisis then it needs to be more democracy argues Mary Southcott
  July/Aug 2009
Jettison conventional wisdom
Bill Butler MSP on prospects for a new Scotland
  July/Aug 2009
Politics is getting nastier
Jenny Bowie on a bad month for democratic politics
  May/Jun 2009
Welfare benefits
Kate Green on authoritarianism rather than enlightened reform
  Jan/Feb 2009
Casting aside barriers
Like Obama's campaign the parties in the UK should encourage minorities, immigrants and the young to participate in politics, writes Simon Woolley
  Jan/Feb 2009
Labour's election chances
Eric Shaw sizes up the challenge
  Nov/Dec 2008
Beyond cross dressing
Where are the new suffragettes asks Mary Southcott in celebrating the 90th anniversary of women's franchise
  Sep/Oct 2008
Proud of Livingstone's transport legacy
Dave Wetzel on London's transport system after eight years of Mayor Ken
  Jul/Aug 2008
The fall of Ken Livingstone
It wasn't Boris but the government that brought Ken down says Duncan Bowie
  Jul/Aug 2008
Triangulating to defeat
Jon Trickett MP on disappointed hopes and winning back Labour's missing millions
  May/June 2008
What happened to redistribution?
Nia Griffith finds abolition of the 10% tax rate is penalising the poorest
  May/June 2008
You say you want a revolution
Gerry Hassan reports on a year in the life of Scottish politics
  Mar/Apr 2008
The red-green show must go on
Leonie Cooper on why Boris and the BNP must be kept out
  Mar/Apr 2008
Respect: the end
Andrew Coates tells a tale of opportunism, egos and splits
  Mar/Apr 2008
Passive citizenship
Mike Davis discusses the malaise of democracy in Britain
  Jan/Feb 2008
Party democracy: renewal or reprise?
Ann Black fears warm words on accountability will not be matched by actions
  Nov/Dec 2007
Gordon Brown's first 100 days
Peter Kenyon asks, Are you listening, Mr Brown?
  Sept/Oct 2007
Scotland - Polling blunders
Mary Southcott sees the problem in the counting not the voting
  Jul/Aug 2007
The Pound in your pocket
With a downturn beckoning Frank Lee asks what fool will take on the job at No 11?
  Jul/Aug 2007
Is the future Brown?
Trevor Fisher ponders the danger of a monochrome economy.
  Mar/Apr 2007
All the wrong signals
Christian Wolmar finds a green hole in Labour's transport plans.
  Mar/Apr 2007
The instinctive politician
Don Flynn dissects the Blair legacy.
  Mar/Apr 2007
Red to be green
Anna Bluston on why blues can't be true greens.
  Jan/Feb 2007
Deal or no deal
As Northern Ireland moves closer to the endgame Kevin Meagher says Labour should call Paisley’s bluff.
  Nov/Dec 2006
Hook, line and sinker for Bush
Blair’s ditching of core Labour values led to a series of foreign policy disasters from Iraq to Europe. With a lameduck Bush, David Clark explains it’s just possible a Brown leadership might rethink.
  July/Aug 2006
Devolution delivers
Labour’s first minister Jack McConnell on devolved government in the 300 year union.
  July/Aug 2006

The rupture between Westminster and reality
Jon Cruddas on why more New Labour solutions are likely to further fuel the far right

  July/Aug 2006
Back to the future
Pete Smith sees lessons for Labour in the Cameron makeover of the Tories towards a more traditional pragmatism.
  Nay/June 2006
After Blair, opportunity knocks
Blair must go now to avoid the calamity of a Cameron government argues Peter Rowlands
  Mar/Apr 2006
Education Blue Paper
Dave Lister is not surprised the Tories back Ruth Kelly’s White Paper, much was in their manifesto not Labour’s
  Jan/Feb 2006
Party tricks
Michael Crick exposes dirty work at the cross roads
  Nov/Dec 2005
Fears of a brave new world
Catherine Fieschi assesses the threast from the far right
  Nov/Dec 2005
New kind of politics
Pete Smith on the death of the parties
  Sept/Oct 2005
The forward march of New Labour halted?
As Blairism unravels, incremental steps within organic movements are the way to start building the alternative, suggests Don Flynn
  July/Aug 2005
The cult of newness
Jon Cruddas on how new Labour’s neglect of working class communities feeds the fascist right
  July/Aug 2005
The state Will Hutton is in
Frank Lee considers the political evolution of the former cheerleader of stakeholder capitalism – from social-democrat to liberal-democrat.
  May/June 2005
Doing Mrs Thatcher proud
New Labour’s embrace of home ownership marks an end to collectivism with the real victims being lower income households argues Duncan Bowie.
  May/June 2005
Ending the presumption of guilt
Doug Jewell and Mhairi McGhee outline the case against Labour’s anti-terror measures.
  May/June 2005
A place in history… for the Party
Peter Kenyon reflects on the election campaign that gave Labour a third term and left its leader increasingly isolated in his own party
  May/Jun 2005
On the inside looking out
Peter Kenyon reports on the Chancellor's efforts to reposition himself inside the Labour Party ahead of leadership contest
  Mar/Apr 2005
Death of a party
David Floyd smirks as the Tories hit the buffers
  Mar/Apr 2005
Crazy tactics
Vote for the party you want to win, says Nick Parrott
  Mar/Apr 2005
Why aren't they voting?
Gavin Lewis on how new Labour acolytes in the media keep the drum beating for Blair.
  Jan/Feb 2005
UKIP – a wake up call
Tim Pendry suggests that UKIP is a lesson on what can happen when a Government declares cultural war on a section of its people.
  Jan/Feb 2005
Allyson Pollock assesses the state of the NHS.
  Nov/Dec 2004
Between war and peace
Paul Dixon on the painful leaking of support for power-sharing in Northern Ireland.
  Jul/Aug 2004
Thought we'd got rid of her
David Floyd on Thatcher's influence on new Labour.
  May/June 2004
Higher priorities
Chris Isaac argues that the government has found the fairest way to increase university funding.
  May/June 2004
Wasted opportunity
Nick Parrott says the government has missed its big chance to make higher education more equal.
  May/June 2004
Time to end the same old show
RMT union expulsion from Labour is but a symptom of a deeper malaise facing the party in Scotland, argues Gerry Hassan.
  Mar/Apr 2004
Aid to fraudsters
ID cards mean more dangers than benefits, argues Neil Gerrard MP.
  Sept/Oct 2003

New suffragettes
75th anniversary highlights voting reform case, says Mary Southcott.

  Sept/Oct 2003
Power to the people
Regional government must have its day, writes Kevin Meagher.
  Sept/Oct 2003
Moving beyond class
A disoriented Dan Elton finds the Tories have got it right on higher education.
  July/Aug 2003
Dog eat dog asylum system
John Sunderland asks if ‘Super Sangattes’ can be the UK’s new vision on asylum in Europe?
  July/Aug 2003
A stake for youth
It's time to end the political limbo for youth, says Steve Allen
  May/June 2003
The end of the Blair presidency?
Pete Smith on Tony Blair.
  May/June 2003
Atheists, anarchists and Muslims unite
A different coalition has emerged on the streets of Britain in opposition to the Iraq war. But Adam Riaz Khan argues that the left and Muslims must learn to build on their shared anti-capitalism.
  May/June 2003
The politics of punishment
Jock Young and Roger Mathews examine the contradictions of Labour’s penal policy and detect signs of change.
  May/June 2003
No Minister
Dave Lister explores the issues behind Estelle Morris' resignation.
  Jan/Feb 2003
Son of Star Wars
The US has now requested British co-operation on Missile Defence. Malcolm Savidge analyses the Government's response in its 'public discussion paper'.
  Jan/Feb 2003
Quality Streets
Andrews Stevens looks for excellence in local democracy.
  Nov/Dec 2002
Train strains
Railway politics in Britain have never been more interesting than today, says Paul Salveson.
  Sept/Oct 2002
New Model Health Service
Behind the Chancellor's 6.1 billion Rosamund Stock  finds the idea of patient choice a destructive plan for the NHS.
  Sept/Oct 2002
Prime ministerial power
Pete Smith on the collapse of constitutional reform
  Mar/April 2002
Orwell's eccentric socialism
Ben Pimlott looks back at the political life and times of Orwell
  July/Aug 2001
Handing over the keys
Dave Wetzel wants transport kept under control
  May/June 2001
Not frightening the horses
Trevor Fisher interviews Will Hutton on key issues to target
  Jan/Feb 2000
The death of politics
Ben Pimlott laments the demise of political debate
  Sept/Oct 2000
Politics in a network age
Rosamund Stock on a structure for democratic participation
  Sept/Oct 2000
Blair's Anarcho-Socialism
Frank Lee on the icon of the left, the other Blair, George Orwell
  July/Aug 2000
Jekyll and Hyde Parliament
Gerry Hassan wonders which way Scotland will travel
  July/Aug 2000
Decision making for the intelligent society
Rosamund Stock on involving people in the democratic proces
Behind closed doors
Maurice Frankel on Labour's climb-down on open government
  Nov/Dec 2000
Rediscovering our libertarian roots
Peter Hain on a libertarian socialist framework for the Third Way
  July/Aug 2000
A new era of Scottish politics
Gerry Hassan charts the stormy Scottish parliamentary seas
The Third Way - Back to the future?
Pete Smith says the left should not spurn liberal radicalism
The contribution of radical Christians to ethical socialism
Chris Bryant
Count the protest votes
Ken Coates MEP