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Socialising Transport - A Strategy for the Left By Paul Salveson

'Socialising Transport' is about a new approach to transport. Written by Prof. Paul Salveson, it argues for a radical change from the current privatised and de-regulated transport system towards one which is accountable and responsive to people's needs.

"This isn't about going back to a mythical golden age of nationalisation," says Paul Salveson. "It is about making the best of the current structure by bringing in the experience of social enterprise and co-operatives and engaging both staff and passengers." The document advocates a single, publicly-owned 'InterCity UK ' with a network of regional rail services specified by regional authorities. Scotland and London already have significant control over their railways. Northern authorities are likely to want the same.

'Socialising Transport' is not just about public transport. It argues for greater investment in cycling and walking and greater incentives to choose sustainable alternatives to the car. "Our towns and cities have been dominated by the car for too long," says Prof. Salveson. "We need to change the mix and ensure that town and city centres are attractive and dynamic places where people can walk and cycle in safety."

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Europe - The unfinished project by Frank Lee

Europe has become mired in a crisis of spiralling debt, unemployment and increasing social unrest as the response of the EU and its member states to economic depression has floundered. At this time of enormous pressure for European integration, and monetary union in particular, Frank Lee's pamphlet presents a powerful case for completing Europe's historic political and economic mission so that Europe can fulfil its promise.

Frank Lee has been associated with Chartist since 1975 and has been a regular contributor, particularly in the field of economics - or, as he prefers to call it, political economy. He is also a long standing Editorial Board member. For many years he taught political economy as a lecturer in a further education college. He is now retired which gives him more time to write about his favourite themes outside of the straitjacket of academic syllabi.

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The politics of housing development in an age of austerity by Duncan Bowie

As the housing crisis in England hits the headlines again Duncan Bowie's new pamphlet answers the questions: why are we not building more homes? And especially with homelessness and overcrowding on the rise, why not more affordable social housing? The pamphlet examines housing policy over one hundred years and is a powerful critique of New Labour and current coalition government policy.

Duncan Bowie is both an historian and an experienced housing and planning practitioner. He is also actively engaged in current debates on the need for planning and housing policy reform in political and professional networks. He has published a book on planning and housing in London under Mayor Livingstone – Politics, Planning and Homes in a World City (Routledge 2010) as well as articles on contemporary planning and housing policy.

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The Big Society - The Big Con and the Alternative by Andy Gregg and Mike Davis

In a hard-hitting expose the authors unmask the paradoxes of Cameron's 'big society'. Although few people seem to understand it, 'big society' keeps rearing its ugly head just when it looks dead and buried. Although the words are still to be found in government working papers, it is clear that fellow Tories cannot really understand let alone get enthusiastic about David Cameron's big idea.

Andy Gregg has been Chief Executive of a number of local, regional and national charities. Mike Davis has worked as a teacher and education adviser for almost 40 years and is Editor of Chartist.

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> Review by Matthew Brown, Independent Labour Publications