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What's left? Chartist, the radical alternative, is read by those who want politics beyond mainstream slogans and banal cliches.

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* Waging the wrong war
Don Flynn takes apart claims that migrants are responsible for low wages

New pamphlets from Chartist

Socialising Transport by Paul Salveson argues for a radical change from the current privatised and de-regulated transport system towards one which is accountable and responsive to people's needs.

Europe - The Unfinished Project by Frank Lee. Presents a powerful case for completing Europe's historic political and economic mission so that Europe can fulfil its promise.

The politics of housing development in an age of austerity by Duncan Bowie examines housing policy over one hundred years and is a powerful critique of New Labour and current coalition government policy.

The Big Society - The Big Con and the Alternative by Andy Gregg and Mike Davis unmasks the paradoxes of Cameron's 'big society'.

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* More Greek pain
Isidoros Diakides on more Troika-induced austerity for the Hellenic Republic
* Tearing down the two totems
Eric Toussaint lays seige to the appalling records of the IMF and World Bank
* The state we need
Michael Meacher MP on the case for a democratic interventionist state
* A workers' company
The TUC's Janet Williamson presents the powerful case for workers on company boards
Frank Lee on KeynesianismSpecial article by Frank Lee on Keynesianism, cuts and solutions to economic collapse - download PDF free

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